Vyonyx was established as a visualisation studio
in the not so distant year 2007 in London, UK.

Our work is about vision, emotions and impression
and not so much about style – we are in a state of constant flux,
we are inspired by fine arts, cinematography, drama, concept design.
The images we produce help our clients win prestigious international competitions.

Technology for us is simply an extension of our creativity –
a valuable but carefully controlled tool and we never let it take over
and become “eyes that do not see”.
We reject technological determinism and efficiency
in favor of humanism and artistic research.
For us, a successful image is an image that allows for interpretations by the viewer –
giving guides and clues as apposed to saying everything.

Architecture, likewise images preceding it, is about perception, sensation,
light, space, movements and not so much about data-driven design and methods of computation.
The power of architecture is in its abstraction.
Architecture is done with visions and gestures and not with descriptions and norms.
So, why should images of architecture be any different?

/// TEAM:

Konstantinos Koudounis – architect/senior associate
Lukas Kasprowicz – architect/artist
Miroslav Radoev – architect/senior associate
Miroslava Todorova – artist/associate
Nikolay Salutski – architect/founding partner
Raja Abouzeid – photographer
Stipe Šešelja – architectural assistant
Tzvetan Georgiev – IT manager
Vikor Vrečko – architect/partner
Vladin Petrov – architect/founding partner